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Research Anchor Publishing


Research Anchor Publishing (RAP) represents a consulting company for medical sciences. RAP aims to teach international clinical research methodologies in a practice-oriented way to facilitate the start of a research career for future scientists.

We offer synchronic as well as a-synchronic online-trainings in various fields of clinical research with several levels of difficulty. The courses are designed to systematically build up on each other, but can also be used independently. Hence, our course catalogue aims to reflect the developmental path of a growing research scientist by providing helpful tips, ranging from how to read a paper, over how to generate a meta-analysis, to how to upload a study in specific scientific journals.

Furthermore, RAP offers individual consultation lessons for papers, which are to be published, in order to increase the possibility to be accepted by the Peer-Reviewed Journal of interest.

Our target group encompasses heterogenous occupational classes, such as students, physicians or scientists to enable a career entry in the field of clinical research on various career levels. Since most research methodologies require English medical terminology, the courses are offered in German and English language. 

RAP is characterized in particular by its practice-oriented teaching methodology that comprehensively guides existing and future research scientists from study reading to publishing. The company's motto is: "statistical significance follows clinical relevance".

Our Team

Über mich

Sophia-Marlene Busch

Sophia-Marlene Busch studies International Health Sciences, specializing in public health and clinical sciences to provide the latest evidence-based state of research for physicians and healthcare professionals. Besides her full-time studies, Ms. Busch has successfully passed the class Anatomy X: Musculoskeletal Cases at Harvard Medical school in Boston, USA, in 2020. Apart from her academic activities, she works as a research scientist and obtained several co-authorships, ranging from book chapters over cohort-studies to internationally recognized classification systems in renowned Peer-Reviewed Journals.

She has been honored with two scholarships by the Hessen State Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts (HMWK) along with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in 2019 for outstanding academic and non-university achievements.


Her mission is to facilitate clinical and public health research methodologies for healthcare professionals to increase evidence-based and, therefore, good quality healthcare services. She furthermore aspires to teach fellow undergraduates fundamentals for a successful research career influencing practical medicine.

Her motto: “It is never too early to impact clinical decision-making on a public level”.

Doktor Using Digital-Tablette

Mustafa Citak, MD, Assoc. Prof.

As a renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon and Research Director, Mustafa Citak holds a passion for sciences and practical medicine for over 16 years. To this date, Dr. Citak has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters in numerous highly ranked medical journals including the American Journal of Sports Medicine, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery American or The Lancet Infectious Disease. He is a Reviewer for diverse highly ranked journals, such as The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery American as well as an Editorial Board member of two Peer-Reviewed Journals.

Due to his profound research experience, he represented a member of the organizational team of the International Consensus Meeting (ICM) for Periprosthetic Joint Infection, held in Philadelphia in 2013 and 2018, USA. In 2012, Dr. Citak was honored for his scientific work with the Evidence-Based Medicine Award followed by the SICOT/CCJR Award in 2019 and was selected to represent the SICOT Research Grants Committee Chair in 2020.

His goal is to provide unconventional tips and tricks he gained over the past 16 years of his research career to guide young and experienced researchers to reach their aims faster. Dr. Citak´s motto: “My first paper was a case report. Now, I have published my own radiological classification system. It is possible as long as you go for it.”  

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